Reigning Prince of Paper Mache

Jorge de Rojas is shown with his fabulous collection of paper mache figures, ornaments, masks, and rattles. Needless to say, here's a man who's batty for Halloween! Jorge was a driving force behind our Spirits on First event, and we're so glad that he was a part of this vision becoming a reality!
Check out a few of Jorge's figures that we have in our Current Show online:

Visiting Artist

What a pleasure to have Jamie Moore visit all the way from WITCH-ita, Kansas (pardon the pun). With her man eating plants and her musical trinket box, she hosted a popular table at our debut Spirits on First.

Treasures Galore

Whenever Melissa Menzer unpacks the myriad boxes she has brought, we start smiling! You just can't help but grin when you behold her clever creations. She makes all her faces from clay and carefully paints each one with great detail. We love her collection of antique assemblages.

A Spirited Event

Our debut Spirits on First was greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm! We have been reveling in the afterglow for a few days, so pardon the delay in getting these photos up for you to see.

Pictured above is our very talented team of artists, staff, and volunteer. Left to right: Jamie (artist), Ginny (college intern), Melissa (artist), Jorge (artist), Jeanine (show producer), and Mary (gallery manager).

Spooky Portraits

It takes a village to put on a Halloween art show! That's what we're learning around here anyway. With an eerily fine sense of timing, we received a phone call recently from college student Ginny Martin whose studies focus on special events and art. What a great combination!

Ginny has been a lifesaver as we work through our to do lists and scurry to get everything in order for Saturday's show.

She's shown at our fireside mantel that's full of spooky portraits. With the help of a little hologram action, these images change from dour to dead with the flick of an eye. It's positively creepy!