A New Home for Blackie

When a Jacksonville Beach couple visited the gallery and spied the little black doggie in our front window, they knew he would be going home with them! "Blackie" (above on the left) fits right in with their trio of Scotties.

Artist Theresa Disney sculpts in paper mache and imbues each one of her creations with a sense of humor and heart. "Blackie" tugged on the heartstrings of Nancy and Greg. When they saw this little fella, he reminded them of Jonah, their very special two year old.

Nancy says that Jonah was the seventh of eight pups and was born lame. When he was rejected by his mother, they adopted him. He doesn't let his injury slow him down. On their morning walks, Jonah keeps up just fine with a sideways hop.

Follow this link to see a few more of Theresa's pups:http://www.jtfolkart.com/profiles.cfm?category=2CABA50D-AA2A-9068-4A9B32CBCCE17CD7

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